Swiss Start-Up Innovation Winners 2018


Photos by Boris Baldinger

Category Hospitality

Appetita (Zurich)

APPETITA is a virtual server who ends needless waiting and streamlines service. Available instantly via any smartphone, APPETITA is always there for guests with detailed answers, effortless ordering, and secure payments.

Download Photo Joerg Wasmeier (Appetita)

Category Impact

KITRO (Zurich)

KITRO is the first fully automated food waste management solution, empowering canteens, hotels and restaurants to reduce their food costs and wasted resources.

Download Photo William Downey (KITRO)

Category Destination 

The Trip Boutique (Zurich)

Planning a trip? The Trip Boutique is your personal travel assistant. We help you save hours of travel research with fully personalized travel guides. Curated by experts, tailored to you.


Download Photo Fernanda Barrence Mutz (The Trip Boutique)

Category Mobility 

Share your BICAR (Bubikon)

Share your BICAR sells a new electric mobility solution with a unique emission free vehicle, the BICAR, optimized for short distances in and around cities.


Download Photo Adrian Burri (Share your BICAR)

Category Transaction

RoomPriceGenie (Zug)

RoomPriceGenie is a new kind of revenue management software that makes dynamic pricing simple and affordable even for smaller hotels.

Download Photo Ari Andricopoulos (RoomPriceGenie)

Public Prize Winner

INVOLI (Renens)

Involi offers the ultimate solution for the integration of drones into air traffic. Allowing drones to fly in a safe way will completely change our way of travelling (drone taxi) and moving goods (drone delivery).

Download Photo Melanie Guittet (INVOLI)



Download photo Jury Members (from left to right): Eric Jakob, Reto Ringger, Christa Augsburger, René Zeier, Markus Popp

Download photo Alois Zwinggi (SECO)

Download photo Martin Barth (World Tourism Forum Lucerne)